Welcome to JSKREP.com...
......the web site of Santa Clara based JSK Associates.

Established in 1979, JSK Associates provides coverage to the Northern California & Nevada food, electronics, industrial, medical & semiconductor manufacturing, assembly & research industries.

JSK Associates represents products utilized for the fabrication, assembly, production and inspection of printed circuit cards, Semiconductors, LED's, Solar & Medical devices, as well as related assemblies.
We also represent products utilized for the storage & handling of food, medical devices & wines as well as a full range of "Green Certified" cleaning products.

Our front page will take you to the companies you wish to visit by "clicking"  on the name of that company. As you explore our site you are able go directly to the company of interest by "clicking" on the logo of that company.

Enjoy your visit & come back often!



Assembly, & Material Handling

Chemicals & Cleaning

ESD Control, Production SuppliesTest & Repair


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